Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid Vapor Shark Has The Best  E Cig Liquid Flavors

Classic Tobacco

Classic Tobacco is the perfect flavor for those who are new to electronic cigarettes. We've captured the timeless taste of a full-flavored cigarette with this Ultra Premium E-Liquid. Classic's resemblance to tobacco cigarettes makes for a smooth transition from smoking to vaping. Now the traditional smoker can enjoy a smarter way to satisfy their cravings.

Classic Menthol

Like a breath of cool winter air, our Ultra Premium Menthol E-liquid has a crisp and clean taste without any of the irritants of our competitors. The formula is a harmonious blend of tobacco and menthol for a smooth flavor we're sure you'll enjoy.

Nicotine Level Chart

Our Promise To You

Here at Vapor Shark we take the craftsmanship of our Ultra Premium E-Liquids very seriously. Similar to microbreweries, our innovation and attention to exceptional quality are at the foundation of every flavor we create. Our Ultra Premium E-Liquids are made with only the finest American made ingredients, and we never skimp on flavor. We create one of a kind, complex flavors that deliver nicotine in the safest most enjoyable way. We owe it to our loyal customers to formulate with meticulous care and painstaking attention to detail. We follow a code of strict quality control to ensure excellence every time. Each delicious flavor is available in high, medium, low, and no nicotine and is guaranteed to provide a superior vaping experience, especially when used with Vapor Shark Electronic Cigarettes.