Disposable vs Rechargeable E-Cig Which One Is Best For Me To Quit Smoking

Today's topic is disposable vs rechargeable e-cig. What are the biggest differences between the two and which one is really the better product when it comes to price and the better product when it comes to helping a person to finally quit smoking?

Now to answer these questions, let's go over the advantages and the disadvantages for both of these products and in the end you can decide for yourself which of these products won the battle of disposable vs rechargeable e-cig.

Let's Start With The Disposable E-Cigarette

Which can be found just about everywhere. You can purchase disposable e-cigarettes at your local pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores and the list goes on and on. So finding a disposable e-cig shouldn't be a problem.

Disposable electronic cigarettes are designed to be convenient and easy to use. Most are available in the same flavors as a real cigarette such as full flavored tobacco or menthol and some disposable e-cig manufacturers even offer more exotic flavors.

Typically, one disposable e-cig is the equivalent to one pack of cigarettes, at least that's what the manufactures like to say and they generally only come in one level of nicotine or have no nicotine content at all.

The batteries are designed to outlast the flavor cartridge. So when you no longer see any vapor when you exhale, you simply throw it anyway and purchase a new one.

Now generally the average disposable e-cigarettes will cost the consumer $7.00 to $10.00 each depending on the brand and manufacturer.

Advantages Of A Disposable vs Rechargeable E-Cig

* Convenient And Easy To Find And Purchase

* Easy To Use

* No Recharging Or Refilling/Just Throw Away

* Lower Upfront Costs $7 To $10 Each Compared To The Cost Of A             Rechargeable Starter Kit

Disadvantages Of A Disposable vs Rechargeable E-Cig

* Only One Nicotine Level (One Size Fits All)

* Weak Performance When Compared To A Rechargeable Electronic               Cigarette

* Lower Quality Because It's Designed To Be Thrown Away

* Can Cost 7 to 10 Times More Than A Rechargeable Electronic                Cigarette Over A Period Of 30 ays (Excluding Cost Of Starter Kit)

So when it comes to the disposable vs rechargeable e-cig in the category of convenience and immediate availability I would have to say the disposable e-cigarette wins in that category.

But in all honesty when it comes to the disposable vs rechargeable e-cig that's about the only category I see the disposable electronic cigarette winning in and I'll tell you why in the paragraph below.

Now Let's Talk About The Rechargeable E-Cigarette

Now although the rechargeable electronic cigarette isn't readily available in all the places you can purchase a disposable electronic cigarette at. The less expensive rechargeable e-cigarettes are starting to appear more and more at your local convenience stores.

But, if you're looking to purchase the best rechargeable electronic cigarette you'll still find yourself going online or going to a specialty store to buy it.

Now the better rechargeable e-cigarettes are truly designed for the cigarette smoker who is looking to finally quit smoking tobacco cigarettes once and for all without the withdrawals or the cravings commonly associated when someone attempts to quit smoking.

The better rechargeable electronic cigarettes really do provide the person who's looking to quit smoking with the closest feeling of smoking a real tobacco cigarette. Which is known as the throat hit smokers feel when they smoke their favorite brand of tobacco cigarettes and this is a feeling you simply don't get from 99% of the disposable electronic cigarettes on the market today.

So when it comes to the disposable vs rechargeable e-cig in the category of which is more effective at helping a person to quit smoking and which has more of the overall feeling of smoking a real tobacco cigarette, I would have to say the winner in these 2 categories would have to be the rechargeable electronic cigarette.

Also with the better rechargeable e-cigarettes you get options, lots of options such as flavors which come in Full flavored tobacco, menthol and other exotic flavors as well as being able to get the level of nicotine your body is use to. In some cases you'll have 7 different levels of nicotine to choose from.

So you don't have to worry about the one size fits all problem that 99% of all disposable e-cigarettes have because they only come in one nicotine level.

You'll also have many options when it comes to batteries and the strengths they come in as well as having other options for accessories such as lanyards and drip free tips and more.

So when it comes to the disposable vs rechargeable e-cig in the category of which of these two products have more options to choose from, again I would have to say the rechargeable electronic cigarette is the better product.

Now the reason the rechargeable electronic cigarette has a higher success rate for the people who truly want to quit smoking is because these rechargeable e-cigarettes offer different levels of nicotine, allowing each person to choose the right level of nicotine that is right for them. Giving this person a better chance to finally put down those tobacco cigarettes for good and this is something that simply can't be done with the disposable electronic cigarette.

Now the better rechargeable e-cigarette starter kits cost as little as $25.00 such as the Vapor Shark minnow and high end starter kits can cost up to $200.00, depending what you're looking for.

The best high performance electronic cigarette that we found is also made by Vapor Shark and it's called the Vapor Shark Pro Kit and it costs only $69.00 and their Premium E-Liquids come in 7 different nicotine levels.

So if you're looking for the best rechargeable e-cigarette at a low price and one that will give you the best chance to finally quit smoking. I highly suggest you check out the Vapor Shark Starter kits.

Now lets talk about the overall costs to buy and maintain your new rechargeable electronic cigarette.

First you have your initial purchase of you starter kit which will cost you somewhere between $25.00 to $200 depending on your selection.

Then you have the cost of the E-Liquid which will run you about $15.00 for a 30ml bottle which will last the average person 3 to 4 weeks and you'll also have to replace your wicks or heating coil every 2 to 3 weeks depending on the rechargeable e-cig that you choose which will cost about $5.00 each.

So even if you choose the most expensive rechargeable electronic cigarette on the market at $200 and you have to spend $25.00 for the e-liquid and replacement wicks or coils.

That will still only cost you about $225.00 for your first month, which is about the same price it will cost you to buy one of those disposable e-cigarettes each day.

Now let's look at your costs in month two and every month after that when it comes to disposable vs rechargeable e-cig.

In month two with the disposable e-cig it's still going to cost you somewhere between $210.00 to $300.00 a month if you buy just one disposable e-cig each day, but now that your rechargeable e-cig is paid for you're only going to spend about $25.00 for the month on e-liquid and replacement wicks or coils and that's a savings of $185.00 to $275.00 for the month and that's HUGE!

So let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of the rechargeable electronic cigarette.

Advantages Of A Disposable vs Rechargeable E-Cig

* Higher Quality Product (Built To Last For Years To Come)

* Many More Options (Designs, Flavors, Nicotine levels, Accessories)

* Better Performance (Feels Like You're Smoking A Real Cigarette)

* Lower Overall Cost (Can Save You Between $2220 To $3300 a Year)

Disadvantages Of A Disposable vs Rechargeable E-Cig

* High Upfront Cost (Starter Kit $25.00 to $200.00)

* Must be Refilled And recharged Each Day

So when it comes to the disposable vs rechargeable e-cig I would have to say the rechargeable electronic cigarette wins hands down in every category, except the category of initial investment.

I hope this information has helped you.