Best Electronic Cigarette Learn Which Brand Was Crowned Top E-Cig Of The Year

Let's face it picking the best electronic cigarette for yourself can be difficult. Especially when there are so many different brands on the market to choose from today.

I'm hoping my story and research will take some of the leg work out of finding the right e cigarette to help you quit smoking while saving you a boatload of money at the same time (I'm talking about you saving more than 90% of the money you're currently spending on cigarettes right now).

Hi my name is James and I use to smoke a pack and a half of Marlboro red's everyday for more than 35 years. So I know what you're going through and I know how difficult it is to quit smoking.

I can't even tell you how many times I tried to stop smoking. What I can tell you is I tried it all. I tried the patch the pill the gum. You name it and I tried it. But nothing worked for me.

Please! Continue reading this page because by the time you're done you will learn how I stopped smoking a pack and a half of Marlboro red's each day after 35 years and exactly how I quit smoking in one day with no cravings or withdrawals while putting an extra $300.00 a month back into my bank account.

And if I can do it. You Can Too!

Why Disposable E-Cigarettes Are Not The Right Choice

One day when I was spending my daily $10.00 on my Marlboro red's is when I happened to see those disposable electronic cigarettes behind the counter. So I bought one for $7.00 figuring I'd give it a try.

The truth is it wasn't bad. Now the taste was kind of funky and it took some getting use to, but my body was getting the nicotine it craved and I wasn't technically smoking. My body wasn't taking in carbon monoxide or the tar all cigarettes produce and it wasn't taking in all the other harmful chemicals which contribute to the damaging effects smoking cigarettes can cause.

The problem I found with these disposable electronic cigarettes, besides the taste was they were all sold as one size fits all. Meaning none of the brands took into consideration how people smoke or how often they smoke. Let alone whether their potential customer smokes a light cigarette or a full flavored brand like Marlboro or Winston.

Now because I use to smoke Marlboro red's for more than 35 years. My body's craving for nicotine was greater than that of a person who smoked ultra light cigarettes.

So I found myself buying two $7.00 disposable e-cigarettes a day to satisfy my body's craving for nicotine and the reason for that is because all these disposable e-cigarettes were one size fits all and they simply stopped working about halfway through the day. Which means I had to use the 2nd one I purchased to get through the rest of the day.

The reason I stopped using these disposable e-cigs wasn't because of the funky taste or that they didn't work.

The real reason I stopped using them was because of their high cost. At $14.00 a day to buy 2 disposable e-cigarettes it was costing me more than $400.00 a month to stop smoking.

So needless to say the disposable e cigarette didn't make the list nor was it even a runner up for the best electronic cigarette of the year in my opinion.

There had to be a better way.

Why A Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Is The Better Choice

Now after throwing away a ton of money on all those different brands of disposable e-cigarettes to stop smoking.

I realized that although the initial cost of a rechargeable e cigarette was more money than the disposable brands. The overall cost was less money. A LOT LESS MONEY!

Not only that but with the rechargeable electronic cigarette I was able to bring down my overall costs even more because I could now also take care of the problem I had with the disposable e-cigarettes. Which was that one size fits all approach they all had.

With the rechargeable e-cigarette I now had choices and one of those choices was the level of nicotine that was right for me.

Remember I had to buy 2 disposable e cigarettes a day at the cost of $7.00 each to get the level of nicotine that I was looking for and the reason for that was because the disposable e cigarettes were half as strong. So I had to use them twice as much which doubled my cost.

Now the brand that I use which happens to be the same brand that was chosen as the best e cigarette of the year not only has the best overall taste of a real cigarette. It's the only brand that I know of that comes in 7 different nicotine levels.

What that means to you is you'll be able to bring your monthly cost down even lower because you'll be able to get the level of nicotine that is right for you.

Some Of The Problems With Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

Now I'm not going to talk badly about any particular company because although they didn't win the best e cigarette of the year contest from our stand point. Many of these companies still have a decent product.

But if you're like me. You want the most bang you can get for your hard earned buck. So why not get the best rechargeable e cigarette you can for your money?

Now let's get into some of the typical problems many rechargeable e-cigarettes have.

First of all, most of the companies that sell rechargeable e cigarettes either have e-liquids that only come in a couple nicotine levels and most of these e-liquids taste horrible or their e liquid is just gobbled up by their product. Meaning their product goes through the e-liquid way too fast. Making you buy more sooner than you should have to.

Another problem many rechargeable e cigarettes have is with their atomizer head wicks. Most have to be replaced way to fast due to these companies using older technology. Making you spend unnecessary money before you should have to.

Another common problem with many of these rechargeable e-cigarettes is that they leak their e-liquids due to inferior or cheap o rings. Good luck getting those stains out of your clothes.

But I would have to say the biggest problem of all with most rechargeable e-cigarettes is with their batteries. Many companies are still using older technology when it comes to their batteries. What good is a rechargeable e cigarette if the battery doesn't hold a charge for very long?

What's The Best E Cigarette Of The Year Going To Cost Me

This is the part that I'm sure is going to put a smile on your face.

The company that manufactures the best e-cigarette of the year has starter kits that cost as little as $24.99

Plus! A 30ml bottle of Ultra Premium E-Liquid only costs $14.99 and let's not forget it's the only brand we know of that comes in 7 different levels of nicotine. So you'll be able to get the level of nicotine that's right for you.

Now I don't know how much you smoke per day, but I was a heavy smoker. What I can tell you is it costs me less than $1.00 a day to use my e cigarette all day long.

For me that's a savings of more than $300.00 per month. Now That's A Huge Savings!

Now for the moment you've been waiting for.

Why Vapor Shark Was Chosen As The Best Electronic Cigarette Of The Year

The first thing you'll notice with all the Vapor Shark electronic cigarettes are their sexy sleek designs and when you hold one in your hand you'll be able to feel the craftsmanship that has gone into each of their products.

Compared to any other rechargeable e cigarette on the market today Vapor Shark truly is a work of art.

But it wasn't its beautiful looks that won Vapor Shark the best electronic cigarette of the year.

It was their state of the art cutting edge technology that goes into each and every product they make that crowned Vapor Shark the best electronic cigarette of the year.

Take a look below at just some of the technology that goes into each Vapor Shark electronic cigarette.

Plus! Vapor Shark is the only company to use Kanthal A-1 coil technology in their atomizer heads. Which distributes heat more evenly, thus creating more flavor and vapor.

But Vapor Shark's technical advancements don't end there.

Vapor Shark's batteries hold a charge twice as long compared to many of its competitors

Plus Vapor Shark's Premium E-Liquid not only has the closest taste to a real tobacco cigarette. Vapor Shark's Premium E-liquid also lasts up to twice as long compared to many of its competitors e-liquid.

So before you throw away your hard earned money on the wrong electronic cigarette.

You really owe it to yourself to check out Vapor Shark.

Because if you do you'll be able to see why Vapor Shark is the best electronic cigarette of the year and why so many people have chosen Vapor Shark products to finally quit smoking and be able to do so without any cravings or withdrawals whatsoever.

To see all the Vapor Shark Starter Kits CLICK HERE NOW.

Vapor Shark The Best High Performance Electronic Cigarette at An Affordable Price


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